Hello, my name is Dylan. I’ve worked in personal finance since 2000. In that time, I have sold financial products for a major securities brokerage, ran my own fee-only investment advisory and financial planning firm, provided financial counseling and education to military service members, and coached other financial planners. So, not only have I worked on Wall Street, but I like to think that I’ve been around the block.

Over the years, my philosophies have evolved from ideas of beating the markets and utilizing complex and expensive financial instruments to embracing the elegant simplicity of ultra-low-cost and freely available, diversified, passive investments. I’ve gone from focusing on investment performance to focusing on the importance of intentional spending, from asset allocation to income allocation. And most importantly, I’ve come to appreciate and respect the role of behavior and values, the “personal” in personal finance.

Early in my career I began the work to earn my Certified Financial Planner™ certificate and then the AFCPE Accredited Financial Counselor®. Throughout my career progression, I’ve learned and unlearned quite a bit about the role personal finance plays in most of our lives by reading, discussing, and sharing ideas about money and finance. I’ve written guest posts on other personal finance blogs, been quoted by financial journalists, and even have a few book credits as an author, technical reviewer, and consulting reviewer.

But it’s working with clients to help them effect change that makes a difference that brought me to coaching.

On a more personal level, I’m married with twins, originally from Vermont, lived in New Jersey, and now relocating to Maryland. I enjoy rowing crew, playing tabletop games, and strumming my ukulele.